John Hart is your father…

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“John Hart is your father” is seared in Edie White’s brain when AncestryDNA sucker-punches her at work in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Author Jeremy White’s wife, who was raised by a loving adopted family, had altruistically submitted a sample in hopes of healing an unknown woman’s nearly fifty-year-old wound. The Little Girl at the Bottom of the Picture: A Journey of Selfless Discovery immersively reveals how the resulting bombshell propels the two college sweethearts into this beautifully epic, transformational adventure that resolves a trio of daunting mysteries, including one plaguing an enthusiastic horde of gangster-adjacent Ukrainian Americans for two-thirds of a century.

Decades-old front page of "The Daily Reveille" features hands of a White man and a Black man mingling their blood.
Chapter 11: Gus Tabony
Edie White rests her right cheek against Jeremy White's chest as she peers out of an unseen airplane window.
Chapter 15: Touchdown Seattle

Literally overnight, the baby of Edie’s adoptive family becomes the eldest sibling in a new, amazing family, fathered by a pacifist cited in two books for challenging David Duke at LSU with a bloody knife. Jeremy and Edie travel on COVID’s eve to Seattle, Austin, Chicago, and California wine country to meet her far-flung new folks, some of whom see her as a wonderful expansion of their incredibly loving families. Others see her as a bona fide miracle. And at least one person considers Edie the answer to a long-secret prayer that she didn’t expect to receive until the afterlife.

Mr. Bingle dolls flank an empty fiasco bottle. An inscription on the lower basket portion reads, "11-30-70 to 12-1-18, Hearts full, (heart) Edie."
Chapter 31: Red Letter Day

Edie’s selfless agenda is the heart of this powerful story of healing, and sets it apart from other works about similar searches. Our reluctant hero successfully dodges all the traps that could have turned this unicorn of a real-life family saga into a darker version of the insane yet heartwarming tale that it is. With a smattering of bittersweet moments, The Little Girl is heavy on happy reunions, including a mind-blowing, poetic parental reunion of sorts, one involving a local bookstore, no less. Transcending issues of genealogy, The Little Girl appeals to readers seeking empathy in a divided land, and authentic beauty in an increasingly ugly world.

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“Reads like a great literary mystery and love story combined in one—only this tale is true.”

—David Armand, 2022 Louisiana Writer Award winner

• Hardcover: 468 pages, 6″ x 9″
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• ISBN: 979-8-9875393-0-9
• Publisher: White Lines Press


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About the Author

Jeremy White is a tenured cynic who penned a hopeful book. He founded South Louisiana’s premier satirical publication in 2004, eight years before relaunching the award-winning Red Shtick Magazine as its all-digital progeny, The Red Shtick. The comic-turned-writer created and produced Baton Rouge’s first and only weekly stand-up open mic for years, during which Jeremy hosted and produced The Red Stick Comedy Block, a locally broadcast, weekly half-hour TV show featuring area comics performing before live audiences around town. The passionate Cajun can often be heard on various popular radio shows as either a guest or a guest host. A longtime football official and Mardi Gras krewe captain, Jeremy earned a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering at LSU, where he met his wife, Edie. They’ve been happily married since 1992 and live in Baton Rouge with their cat, Waffles.

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Praise for The Little Girl

“Jeremy White takes readers into and through a labyrinth of relationship by providing almost-voyeuristic access to emails, text messages, phone calls, and in-person communications. This he does with candor, humor, and meticulous attention to detail.”
— Betsy Reeder, Southern Literary Review
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“Reads like a great literary mystery and love story combined in one—only this tale is true.”
“Jeremy White’s amazing story is at once inspiring, humorous, and an overall testament to the indomitable will of the human spirit: the will to love, the will to persevere, and the will to discover the truth, a truth which ultimately serves to heal and help grow—not only for the people in White’s story, but for any readers who find themselves lucky enough to read this book.”
— David Armand, 2022 Louisiana Writer Award winner

“A joyful read!”
“The author expresses this remarkable story of family connections with energy, humor, warmth, and lots of love.”
— David Aretha, award-winning author

“A must read for anyone who enjoys a true-to-life love story…”
“…This heartwarming rendering shows that a balance can be achieved between adopted and biological families and that we truly have enough love within us to embrace the old and the new with equal fervor. Edie’s story is about understanding, forgiveness, and compassion, spiced with humor and adventure.”
— Susan D. Mustafa, New York Times best-selling author

“This real-life detective story makes good on its promise of engaging the reader…”
“With an eye for detail and a heart meant for getting at the crux of complicated matters, Jeremy White painstakingly brings his wife’s adoption search journey to the written page.”
 Julie Ryan McGue, author of the award-winning memoir Twice a Daughter: A Search for Identity, Family, and Belonging

Jeremy White’s The Little Girl at the Bottom of the Picture is delightful…”
“…On one page, you’ll laugh; the next, you’ll cry. But on every page, you’ll find love and grace.”
— Robert Mann, author and professor of mass communication at LSU

“A fascinating and abundantly charming family story, well researched and lovingly told…”
“I am walking away from this memoir not only feeling like I know these folks but like I genuinely care for them. Jeremy White captures the emotions of his expanding family through the story of his wife’s search for her biological heritage.”
— Michelle Cavalier, Cavalier House Books

“Told with mirth and joy, as well as a healthy dollop of Jeremy White’s wit…”
“Against all odds, this tale ends with happiness, and a greater understanding of the joy of family, and of all the lives that can be touched and improved by a seemingly simple, yet altruistic, search for connection.”
— James Hyfield, Red Stick Reads

“Any reader open to vicarious delight will find it in spades. The source of this delight, and what is most remarkable about the adventure, is not only Edie’s wide-open heart but the full-throttle enthusiasm with which she is received by a host of strangers, some of whom never knew she existed, others who hoped she did.”
— Betsy Reeder, Southern Literary Review
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